This is where Krazywake Productions got its start, and it is still a passion of ours today. In our industry, nothing is more challenging or rewarding than being outside, right next to the action and having one chance to capture it. This is how we developed our skills with a camera, not just from some fancy film school (although we did that too).

Event Highlight Video

Your company is about to spend a lot of money on a branded event that draws appeals to a specific crowd. Whether its an action sport competition or a fashion show, your fans are some of the largest consumers of online video content. By producing a professional highlight video, you increase your potential audience size while helping your brand stay in the forefront of social media discussions. These videos trend well on branded Facebook pages, and video sharing sites like Youtube and Vimeo. Share the experience and success of your event with people who didn’t attend and use the video as a tool to increase attendance and sponsorship for the next event.

Athlete Spotlight Video

Without a doubt, action sports athletes are among the biggest celebrities on the internet and are important advocates for your brand. Our athlete spotlight videos showcase both the crazy talent and human element that these men and women possess, allowing your fans and subscribers to connect with them, and subsequently your brand, on a more personal level.


Living in Arizona, we have becoming fascinated by and love being in nature. When we aren’t shooting for our clients, we can be found enjoying a number of hobbies including storm chasing, hiking, mountain biking, wakeboarding, and camping… and our cameras usually aren’t far behind. We have made a hobby out of motion controlled timelapse photography and remote location filming. Stay tuned to our blog to hear and see some of our latest adventures. If you are interested in licensing some of our footage or contracting us for a project, please contact us!

Whether you need a professional creative solution for your own marketing campaign, want us to catch your brand in action, or highlight an event for your sponsors, we have a wide range of shooting and editing styles to meet the needs of our clients.

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