Corporate Video

In today’s fast-paced business environment, video is an essential tool for getting your message out to customers and across your organization. However, few projects today have the budgets for a large ad agency corporate video, and local audio visual companies can charge outrageous prices with painfully long turnaround times. Our experienced background in marketing as well as media production allows us to work closely with your marketing or communications team to produce and deliver tailored videos that are both creative and of high value to your organization.

Corporate Video Production Services

While other production companies will try to sell you on their newest camera and fancy facilities, our conversation always starts around the goals of your video. Our video services are scalable from a single camera interview to a large multi-camera or commercial production. We deliver agency-quality results with the personal attention and affordability of a small production company.

Marketing Videos

Put your product or service in the spotlight!

Our professional corporate video services, help showcase your value proposition and sharpen your competitive advantage. Share the story of your brand and why what you’re doing is game changing. With a message specifically crafted for your target audience, and often including a call to action, these are ideal for your company website, newsletters, trade shows, or point of sale demos.

Events and Trade Shows

More bang for your buck!

Your company spends a lot of money and sweat equity to put on annual meetings, events, and trade shows. Let our team record and capture high-demand material and keynotes that can be edited and re-purposed to maximize value.

    • Increase retention and impact with DVDs or USB drives featuring video content for attendees and staff who were absent.
    • Showcase the success of your event with a recap video to share with key stakeholders.

Our team of videographers are experienced audio visual technicians and integrate well with A/V vendors, which means that on the day of your event you can worry less about the technical stuff and focus more on your presentation.

Corporate Communications

Spread your message internally!

Video messaging keeps employees engaged while saving time and money.

  • Keep individual teams and business units informed of corporate strategy.
  • Share successes and best practices across your organization.
  • Training videos ensure that your staff is up to speed on the latest initiatives, tools, and workflows.
  • Safety videos instruct your employees and customers on how to properly use your product, equipment, or facilities.

…and yes, there are ways to make this fun and entertaining!

Voice of Customer

Nothing means more to us than the words from a happy customer… and we’re sure you feel the same!

After all, it’s why we do what we do, right? Testimonials can help convert and instill confidence in prospects. However, there are two problems that plague the common customer testimonials on websites or in marketing material – overuse and legitimacy. So how do you make the voice of your customer stand out? Video.

  • When you attach a face and a voice to your customers words it makes it authentic. Too many companies advertise using testimonies that were professionally or artificially drafted. Taking the time to interview a customer eliminates this doubt for prospects and also lets your customers feel more appreciated as people rather than just another account.
  • Let’s face it, customers aren’t paid actors, nor should they be. With your guidance, we gently coach your customers to tell their unique story of how doing business with your organization helped overcome their challenges. The resulting testimony is more valuable because it is specific, quantifiable, and diverse, and most importantly doesn’t sound like it came from your desk.

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